SCANIA G- and R-series

For the Scania filter elements, recognized by their flower shaped cover, Donaldson has released the aftermarket filter elements. The preferred fit elements have the expected flower shaped closed cover for optimal fitting into the air cleaner.

To fit all models, the short and long and normal and flame retardant versions are available in our range. Bu using the radial seal technology, Donaldson pioneered 20 years ago, we ensure a reliable seal to protect your engine in all conditions. This industry changing sealing technology combines two components into one, the end cap and seal. This flexible sealing material creates that sure fit and simplifies the maintenance.

P953210: Primary filter, Normal media, long version

P953211: Primary filter, Normal media, short version

P953212: Primary filter, Flame retardant media, long version

P953213: Primary filter, Flame retardant media, short version

P953214: Safety filter, long version

P953215: Safety filter, short version



For the DAF XF105 elements, Donaldson has released the aftermarket filter elements. The filter has a conical design with a customized cover plate to fit the unique housing. The strong plastic inner liner provides rigidity and guides the element into the housing. Combined with the plastic outer liner, the element is robust, yet light weighted.

For optimal on-road performance flame retardant and high efficient cellulose media is inserted. Although the element is conical with axial positioning systems, the sealing is achieved by the radial seal. The end cap and seal are combined into one. The flexible sealing material creates a sure-fit and simplifies maintenance.