Atexio 134 of RYMAX BV Holland is a full synthetic automatic transmission oil (ATF) specially developed for Mercedes Benz NAG2 automatic transmissions. Atexio 134 is formulated with high quality synthesized base oils and with the latest additives. This to guarantee a constant high level of its unique properties during use.

Atexio 134 can be used for fill up or for refilling an automatic transmission, where a performance level of MB 236.14, (and also) MB 236.12 and MB 236.10 is recommended (except with 4Matic systems).


Atexio MB has a stable and high viscosity index and a low pour point. The lubricating properties and friction characteristics are carefully adjusted to obtain comfortable shifting and fuel reduction. Atexio 134 offers excellent resistance against oxidation, corrosion and foam formation, resulting in a constant performance during its lifetime.

Atexio 134 could also be used as a problem solver for automatic transmissions, which have less comfortable shifting properties.

Performance levels

  • MB 236.14
  • MB 236.10 and 236.12 (except for 4Matic systems)

Typical Properties

Density 20 °C Kg/m3 847
Viscosity 40 °C cSt 29.5
Viscosity 100 °C cSt 6.5
Viscosity Index 185
Pour Point °C -51
Flash Point C.O.C. °C 200
Operating Temperature °C -45/150