As a development partner and series supplier, Hengst manufactures filters in original equipment quality corresponding to the high specifications and requirements of automobile manufacturers. High-quality materials and the familiar excellent machining qualities ensure effective functional operation. The extensive portfolio of the company includes oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, cabin air filters and filters for special applications.

Keep your car running smooth with HENGST oil filters

An oil filter has to deal with several hundred liters of oil in a minute as oil is pumped through the engine lubricating system. It is the task of the oil filter to ensure that the combustion engine is lubricated in a perfect manner by removing dust, metal abrasion and other residue from the engine lubricating system, down to the smallest particles measuring no more than 10 µm.

Hengst oil filters ensure perfect filter performance with a high dirt pick-up capacity. Thanks to its high-quality manufacture, they ensure perfect functionality and have an especially high resistance to pressure and temperature in all operating situations, as well as a permanently high pulsation stability even in case of extreme operating pressure. Because of their precise manufacture they can be replaced quickly and easily, and they contribute to a measurable reduction of wear and tear of engine components as well as to a reduction of fuel consumption and emissions, while at the same time prolonging service intervals.


If you want to protect your fuel injection system from contaminants, there is no way around: Hengst fuel filters

A fuel filter protects the injection system of an engine against contaminants in the fuel and contributes to a reliable functionality of the injection system and a perfect engine performance.
Hengst fuel filters are able to withstand pressure peaks of up to 15 bar. They are manufactured with the latest filter materials, such as melt blown media, and thus are able to ensure perfect filtration, during which dirt particles of less than 2 µm are effectively removed. Thus, engines and injection systems are protected effectively and change intervals can be prolonged.

Clearing the air: Hengst Air Filters

The most important filter in a petrol and diesel engine is the air filter because it has the task of holding back particles whilst drawing in air, thus ensuring a pure fuel-air mixture.

Hengst air filters have a special paper embossing which ensures maximum filter stability and prevents filter clogging. The filter paper is high-quality embossed and remains pressure-stable and tear-resistant even in damp weather conditions. In addition, it is mainly flame-retardant and prevents engine fires caused by flying sparks. Our air filters have a perfect fit, ensuring a high functional safety, hundred per cent tightness and a quick and easy installation. By dynamic engine usage they remain pulsation-stable and achieve a constant separation efficiency of almost one hundred per cent.

Top climate in the interior despite pollen, dust & co.

Pollen, fine dust, bacteria and bad odors – our fresh air is polluted. So that such pollutants do not enter uncontrolled through the car air conditioning system, it is advisable to use Hengst cabin air filters.

Clean air in the vehicle interior helps maintain the concentration and driving performance of the driver, it helps against fatigue thus making driving safer. This especially applies to allergy sufferers, who are less protected from pollen and other allergens in the car. Studies show that there is up to a 30 percent higher risk of allergy sufferers being involved in a road traffic accident during the pollen season.