June 1998

Our history begins on June 3, 1998 when the founder of MOTOR FILTERS CO., Prokopios Stathis, started his own business in Athens-Kolonos at Thrasimachou 7.


The purpose of the company is the import and wholesale distribution of filters and lubricants. Prokopios Stathis has been Managing Director of Motor Filters Co since that time, and Mr. Stelios Michelioudakis, the founder and owner of Michelioudakis SA, Athens, was participating in the company as a silent partner. The brands that the company was importing were: Luber-finer/Champ filters from their European headquarters in Germany, Clean Filters (Delgrosso S.p.A.) Italy, Korean and Japanese Filters from Asian filter manufacturers, Jura/HiFi-Filters from France as well as the private label brand Comet lubricants from VPS International BV in Holland. By the end of 2002, we also started a cooperation with the Italian company FAI Filtri who are manufacturers of air/oil separators as well as hydraulic filters.



On August 1, 2001, Mrs. Silvia Kaiser, who was Area Sales Manager and Customer Service Manager of Luber-finer Filter GmbH in Germany, joined the company and has been working since then as Purchasing Manager of Motor Filters Co. In the year 2006, she took over the company share of Stelios Michelioudakis and became a partner of the company.



In February 2003, Motor Filters Co phased out to import Clean Filters from Italy and started the distribution of Hengst Filters from Germany:


With the closing down of the European headquarters of Luber-finer USA in the year 2004, the need arose to import Luber-finer filters in complete container loads directly from Champion Laboratories/Luber-finer, Albion/IL, USA. As the current location in Kolonos was not convenient and easily accessible to handle container shipments, we took the decision to move the company to Agiou Savva Street in Athens, in December 2004.











A Technical Training / Product Seminar with the Greek Luber-finer distributors was conducted by Scott Simmonds, Director Luber-finer Sales, in Athens in 2005:


In the years 2005 and 2007, Motor Filters Co participated in Fetec Fair for Industrial and Factory Equipment at Athens Metropolitan Expo Center with our “Industrial Filtration” product range:



Luber-finer Product Training Seminar in Albion/Illinois 2008 at which Prokopios and his son Alexandros participated:


In June 2008 – with the occasion of our 10 year anniversary – we made a spontaneous party in our company with some selected customers and friends:












The younger son of Prokopios, Alexandros Stathis, studied English Business and Economics at the IST College in Piraeus from October 2006 until September 2009. After finishing his military service, he joined the company in 2010. Here are some photos of his graduation ceremony:


In 2011, we decided to abandon our marketing philosophy of having our own private label lubricant brand and started working with the Rymco brand which was an already existing lubricant brand of VPS International BV. The brand Rymco was renamed by VPS to Rymax in February 2015 and this is the lubricant brand we are still distributing today.

In summer 2011, mainly due to the economic crisis in Greece, we moved the company to Aspropyrgos which is located 15 km northwest from the city center of Athens. In the industrial area of Aspropyrgos, a substantial number of storage warehouses, truck repair shops, recycling factories, logistics handlers, wholesalers, small construction companies and other industrial businesses can be found which is why we decided to bring our company closer to our customers. At the same time, besides the already existing wholesale business, we started with retail sales.

Another major success was the expansion of our product range with the world famous filter brand Donaldson Filtration in the year 2014 when we became an authorized distributor.















In the same year, 2014, we proudly established our first subsidiary in Koropi, East Attiki, close to Athens airport. This subsidiary is managed by the son of Prokopios, Alexandros Stathis and offers the complete product range of Motor Filters Company plus car batteries in modern facilities.


June 2018

 “There is no future without a past”

Allow us to make a conclusion about the development of Motor Filters Company 20 years after its foundation. The success of the company and its continued growth is due to a combination of innovative products and strong brands. The mission of the company is to maintain its leading position as a credible and respected company in its field, with continuous improvement of its services, respecting the customer in the most efficient way.

We have succeeded in offering affordable and quality products that continue to gain consumer confidence and preference. Our vision is the absolute satisfaction of our customers which ensures an ongoing profitable and continued healthy growth of our company. By focusing on the customer, Motor Filters Company continues dynamically, develops new activities and improves its own distinct course in the Greek market.


We want to thank our customers and suppliers for their trust and confidence and sincerely appreciate your loyalty to our business. To our employees: Congratulations on achieving this anniversary with us! We know you have worked hard for this accomplishment and we truly appreciate your dedication. Our success would not have been possible without you.