The Italian filter manufacturer Fai Filtri produces hydraulic filters (elements and spin-ons), erosion filters, and air/oil separators for the original equipment market/supply (OEM/OES) and the aftermarket (AM).

With an annual production capacity of almost two million different parts, Fai Filtri is able to provide a wide range of high quality hydraulic and air/oil separation filtering elements which are interchangeable with the products of the leading manufacturers of mobile machinery (earth moving, agricultural and industrial equipment as well as compressors).

A series of spin-on cartridges which are easy to install and replace, suitable for air/oil separation through coalescence, and filter elements for the separation of air/oil with stacked disc coalescing filter, suitable for the installation on rotary screw or vane compressors of the world’s major manufacturers and interchangeable with the world’s major manufacturers of separator filter products. Flow rates from 0.6 to 7 m3/min and flow rates up to 45 m3/ min.

A wide range of filters and cartridges for the suction, return and intake lines of hydraulic systems. Filtration up to 3 absolute microns. Flow rates up to 600 L/min.

  • In-tank suction strainers
  • Spin-on in-line filters for suction and return lines
  • Spin-on tank mounted return filters
  • Spin-on elements with working pressure from 12 to 50 bar.
Fai Filtri Spark Erosion Filters (EDM) - MOTOR FILTERS CO

Filters and filter elements for the microfiltration of fluids and coolants. Created with extremely highly efficient filters with a filtration rating of up to 5 microns, which trap really fine polluting particles. Particularly suitable for wire EDM and sinker EDM, coolant systems, machine tools, grinders, etc.

Fai Filtri Dust Filters - MOTOR FILTERS CO

The Fai Filtri dust filtration cartridges have the widest range of application in Environmental Protection (compliance with emission values) and Systems Protection (like for example air filtration of car emissions), and are applicable in various types of industries such as: food, pharmaceutical, industrial, cement plants, mining, cogeneration plants and painting facilities. The line of FAI FILTRI filtration cartridges for dust extractors guarantees excellent results in the widest variety of processes for separating the following types of dust: metallic dust (gold, silver, steel), food related powder (tea, powdered milk, powder condiments, etc.), dust from tableting, gas turbine, minerals (quarts, cement, chalk), ceramic dusts (glass and aluminum oxide), organic and synthetic dusts (rubber, wood, pigments, etc.).

Fai Filtri Cross Reference Catalog