The German filter manufacturer Hengst is in their element when it comes to horsepower. It’s not just because of their name: Hengst
(German for “stallion“), but also because they have established a name for themselves as a supplier to famous automobile and engine manufacturers.

It is for them that they develop high-end, engine-optimizing fluid management and crank case ventilation systems for passenger and commercial vehicles. As a developer, manufacturer, and OEM/OES supplier, they tick all the boxes when it comes to producing high-end solutions that are tested from top to bottom. One of their foremost strengths is making things small and light.

Developing multifunctional filtration and fluid management modules means uniting maximum performance with minimum size and weight, and that is what they do best thanks to their wealth of expertise, experience, and – above all – passion. But they never lose sight of the bigger picture, which means their solutions also fulfill requirements such as ease of installation, enabling productivity to be optimized and costs reduced. They firmly believe in the principle that nothing is impossible, and that is what motivates them every single day.

A specialty of the company: Special applications.

The Hengst filter assortment for the free service parts market comprises various special applications for motorcars and commercial vehicles. Oil filter centrifuges, oil mist separators, cooling water filters, air dryers, fuel hand feed pumps, screw caps and many other service parts serve to expand their full assortment.

The Hengst product assortment for the Independent After-Market (IAM) comprises more than 2,000 filter products for automobiles and commercial vehicles of all manufacturers worldwide. Hengst Filter Systems provides an almost completely full assortment of filter applications in original equipment manufacturer quality.

Below please find an overview of the types of filter assembled under the Hengst brand.

If you want to search for a specific product, please use the Hengst product catalog.

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