Jura Filtration is a filtration specialist who distribute their products under the brand name HIFI FILTER and offer the widest range of filters in Europe. With 28.000 available references in stock for 1.7 million different applications and 23.000 m² warehouse facilities in Europe, they offer the most complete range of filters.

Jura Filtration - Filters for any application - MOTOR FILTERS CO

Range of filters for the maintenance of passenger and utility vehicles (cars and light commercial vehicles)

Range of filters for the maintenance of motorbikes, scooters, ATV’s, go-karts, jet-skis and snow-mobiles, etc.

Range of filters for the maintenance of trucks and public transport vehicles like Intercity bus, City bus, Touring coaches, Construction truck, Special purpose truck, Mobile crane, Garbage truck, Spreader, Concrete mixer, etc.

Φίλτρα Jura Filtration

Range of filters for the maintenance of equipment used in public works, construction and earthmoving like cranes, excavators, loaders, dozers, crawlers, etc.

Range of filters for the maintenance of agriculture and forestry equipment like tractors, Windrowers, Harvesters, Loader wagons, grinders, Forwarders, String trimmers, Lifters, High-clearance tractor, Chopper blowers, Mowers, Grape harvesters, Mixers, Combine harvesters, Motorized cultivators, Motorized wood splitting machines, Sprayers, Collectors, Shearing machines, etc.

Range of filters for the maintenance of equipment for garden and golf parks like  Aerators, Grinders, String trimmers, Mowers, Block splitting machines, Motor pumps, Motorized cultivators, Motorized block splitting machine, Motorized cutters, Sprayers, Sand blasters, Scarifiers, Blowers, Hedge trimmers, Shearing machines, Lawn tractors, Power saws, Golf carts, etc.

Range of filters for the maintenance of handling and hoisting equipment like Lift trucks, stackers, cradles, industrial vehicles, etc.

Range of filters for the maintenance of marine engines for Maritime transport (Ferry, Passenger ship, Canal-boat, Container ships), fishing boats, Pleasure boats, Sports and nautical leisure boats, etc.

Complete range of hydraulic filters and accessories for any hydraulic equipment like suction filters, low – medium – high pressure filters, return filters, tank accessories, filtration units, absorbents.

Complete range of filters for treatment of compressed air and vacuum pumps of Stationary and mobile compressors, Vacuum pumps, Compressed air networks, Condensate separators, FRL Boxes, Silent operations, Gas filters.

Complete range of filters (dust collectors, fume extractors, oil mist collectors) for the treatment of dust, fumes and oil mists.

Complete range of filters for air treatment, air conditioning and heating unit in clean rooms and spray booths.

HiFi filters for liquids

Complete range of filters for the treatment of liquids like water, oil, ink, paint, chemical products, hard water, etc. for the application in water networks, household and industrial water softeners, water coolers, swimming pools, jacuzzis, etc.

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