Rymax lubricants is an international lubricant brand from the Netherlands that is recognized because of its high quality automotive lubricants. All Rymax lubricants are made of a combination of the best European base oils and the highest class additives only with the most advanced lubricant packages.
We provide you with a complete lubricant range with lubricants suitable for many industries, covering almost every application.

In order to build a sustainable brand, Rymax pays the highest attention to their processes and quality systems. Their ISO-9001 certification ensures smooth production and logistic operations and constant surveillance of their quality procedures. It allows them to meet and exceed our customers’ demands.

Furthermore, Rymax disposes of an in-house laboratory with the latest equipment to test their products before being filled in order to meet the required quality standards. All Rymax lubricants are packed in first class packing materials to ensure optimal product presentation all around the world.

Rymax Lubricants

Our passenger vehicle lubricants are designed to meet the requirements for all types of cars, motorcycles and other 2 stroke engines. Engine oils, gear- and transmission oils, greases and fluids for the brakes, steering and cooling system; we provide complete lubrication assortments for every category. We offer a variety of oils whether they are mineral, mono grade, multi grade, semi synthetic, full synthetic, long life or PAO based. All our key products have OEM approvals and meet the latest specifications.

Rymax offers a complete range of mineral, semi-synthetic and full synthetic lubricants, formulated to create the highest performances for light, medium and heavy duty trucks and busses. Also for these vehicles we offer complete ranges of engine oils, gear- and transmission oils, greases and fluids for brakes, steering and cooling systems. New technologies including longer oil drain intervals as well as environmental compatibilities set new standards.

The Rymax small engine lubricant range covers all requirements for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. The 2-stroke oils are suitable for (small) motorcycle engines, lawn mowers, outboard engines and snow mobiles. The 4-stroke range is particularly developed for mechanically high performing 4-stroke motorcycle engines. They allow the engine, clutch and gearbox to maintain both power and performance. All Rymax small engine oils are available in mineral, semi-synthetic and full-synthetic grades and are designed to meet the latest international specifications like API and JASO.

Rymax has a complete range of mining lubricants. Our mining specialists are trained and focused on providing our customers with a line of lubricants and greases that can endure extreme circumstances. We provide mines with a complete lubricant package suitable for every equipment present in their mines. Providing right lubrication allows our customers to lower operational costs, extend repair intervals and reduce energy consumption. We provide our customers with oil analysis programs, at sight service advice and lubrication education and training in order to ensure optimal performance.

The agricultural lubricant range of Rymax ensures agricultural equipment to be ready for use at any time. Our agricultural lubricants vary from multifunctional lubricants, universal tractor oils, transmission fluids, and chain saw oils, up to the most advanced biodegradable and extreme pressure hydraulic oils and greases. All in order to ensure optimal performances for the agricultural equipment.

Rymax provides a complete range of lubrication for the construction industry. We have a full range of lubricants for loaders, excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers, graders, backhoes and paving and road maintenance equipment. Our lubricant range consists of lubrication suitable for extreme cold or heat, moisture, dust and dirt. The extended product range allows customer to have lubrication suitable for their particular situation.

Rymax marine oils are designed to perform under the toughest conditions ensuring the engine and equipment to run smoothly – no matter what the environment circumstances are. Our marine lubricants are used to gain excellent main engine cleanliness, minimal piston under-crown deposits and provide great protection against lacquer formation. Our marine lubricant range consists out of Trunk Piston Engine Oils (TPEO), Marine Diesel Cylinder Lubricants (MDCL) and System Oils (SO). They are developed for use in sports and leisure up to passenger cruise lines, cargo vessels and ocean sailing tankers.

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Rymax has a complete range of fluids for automatic and manual gearboxes suitable for automotive and off-road applications. All our products are providing excellent protection against wear and promote longer machine life and smoother gear changes. Our manual gear oils are designed to meet international requirements like API GL-4 & GL-5 and Total Drive Line systems. Rymax Automatic
Transmission Fluids (ATF) are available in mineral, semi-synthetic and full-synthetic and meet the demands of leading manufactures Dexron and Mercon. We also have a range of specialties suitable for Double Clutch Transmissions, Continue Variable Transmissions or with special approvals for several car brands.

All Rymax industrial oils are of high quality, resulting in outstanding protection for the machines and reducing engine maintenance due to longer service life. All lubricants are designed to meet the latest requirements of equipment manufacturers and meet international standards. We provide a complete range of hydraulic oils, industrial gear oils and compressor oils. Additionally we have industrial lubricants for specific segments.

The Rymax hydraulic oils are developed to help equipment perform conform its design standards. Our hydraulic oils protect, lubricate and help to transmit power in the most effective way. Rymax hydraulic oils are designed to help, maintain and even improve the efficiency of hydraulic systems. The Rymax hydraulic oils are used to; prolong the life of hydraulic systems, attain optimum hydraulic system performance, extend maintenance intervals, boost productivity, lower maintenance costs and reduce overall consumption and waste.

Rymax offers a complete range of high quality greases suitable for automotive-, commercial and industrial applications. Rymax greases are formulated out of European virgin base oils resulting in excellent lubrication for optimal protections against wear, corrosion and contamination. High performance soaps and clays like lithium, calcium and bentonite are added to give specific resistance against extreme pressure, high temperatures, water or other influences.

Brake Cleaner
Car Shine Spray
Carburetor Cleaner
Chain Lube Spray
Cockpit Spray
Contact Cleaner
Copper Grease
Glass Cleaner
Insect Cleaner
Leather Cleaner
Notus A-40
PTFE Spray
Rubber Conditioner
Textile Cleaner
Wheel Cleaner
White Grease Spray

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Diesel Cold Flow Improver
Diesel Performance Improver
Diesel Smoke Reducer
Engine Flush Car Care
Engine Performance Booster
Engine Protector Car Care
Gasoline Performance Improver
Octane Booster
Oil Leak Preventer
Radiator Leak Protector

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